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Valuations WA is an independent and experienced Perth Property Valuation business in Perth, Western Australia. Our team of Licensed Property Valuers will provide you with expert property valuation advice and prepare professional and objective property valuation reports on residential and commercial/industrial properties for a range of different purposes. Valuations WA pride ourselves on great service and professional advice and look forward to assisting you with your property valuation needs and requirements. Our message to you is we won't be beaten on price or service!


Our office provides professional property valuations, with a local service and experience. The Valuations WA office has been valuating properties both residential and commercial since the 1980s and we understand every complexity involved in the range of valuations offered.


Having the wealth of experience in the Perth Property Market, this give us extensive knowledge, not only on the various valuations needed but the laws and regulations governing each property. Over this time we have established an impressive team of individuals who specialise in the different avenues of valuations. Each valuer is not only professional; they’re licensed and registered with the Australian Property Institute, which ensures every report and advice provided comes with high accreditation.


Valuations WA’s team of registered prorperty valuers means when it comes to quick turnovers and deadlines, we have the resources and knowledge to adhere to them. Our property valuation team spend hours analysing the Perth Property market, the laws and regulations, current Perth City trends and much more so when it comes to valuating your property, we have the best knowledge and resources available.


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